Hoseki Designs travels to various Buddhist conferences, conventions and temple Obon/Bazaars. Here are a few highlighted events we have participated in:

  • Federation of Buddhist Womens Association Conference
  • Shinran Shonin 750th Memorial Observance
  • Northwest District Buddhist Convention

Temple Fundraising

Whether it’s a general temple fundraiser or for a specific temple organization we can travel to your temple to assist you with your fundraising efforts

O-nenju Workshops/Discussion Groups

Covering o-nenjus (history and meaning) you can schedule us to visit your temple to conduct workshops, discussion groups or as a Sunday Service guest speaker. This service is limited to the history and meaning of an o-nenju (we do not provide instruction on how to make or repair o-nenjus).

If you would like to have us at your event please contact us at


Custom Orders

Would you like a custom o-nenju made? Using your own imagination we can create a special one of a kind o-nenju for yourself or special gift. Design services are also available for commemorative temple anniversary o-nenjus. Designed with compassion, no surcharge fees are assessed on custom orders.


Is your wrist or hand o-nenju too big or too small? We offer re-sizing services for a proper and comfortable fit.


Re-stringing, bead replacement and tassel replacement services are available for your wrist or hand o-nenju.

Please contact us at for assistance